Accommodations in Edisto

Edisto has a good night's sleep waiting for all who visit. Whether you want to drop off your dreams next to the ocean's soothing rhythm or snuggle into the coziness of a condominium underneath a canopy of live oaks and palmettos, you can sleep your way to a bright morning here.

Edisto's beach homes are located with the Atlantic lapping at the front porch or nestled on quiet side streets within earshot of the surf. You'll find condos surrounding the Edisto Golf Course and next to The Marina at Edisto Beach. An added bonus to any stay on Edisto is the fact that every home and condo is just a short walk away from big water and sea breezes make their way to every porch.

Edisto Beach State Park is a beachcomber's dream. A variety of shells dot the mile and a half of beach and the tallest palmetto trees in the state border the forest. Its 1,255 acres also include a dense live oak forest and an expansive salt marsh where visitors can marvel at the wildlife as they camp on one of the 103 camp sites or rest in one of the comfortable cabins.

Watch a flotilla of shrimp boats return from a day on the ocean. Visit the local seafood markets to purchase the day's catch and enjoy the preparation of the sea's harvest in your kitchen. You will wish for the moments you enjoy at Edisto upon your return home, so enjoy the days, the hours, the minutes you spend here. And remember, you can always come back.

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