AA Meetings

                         Monday evenings only - 7:00 pm at Trinity Church (building behind church)


Commercial Airports - The closest commercial airport is Charleston International (Charleston, SC) and is one hour away.  The next closest choice would be Savannah Municipal Airport (Savannah, GA) which is approximately two and a half hours away. 

Shuttle/Taxi -  Edisto Island Shuttle will transport to and from the Airport & Historic downtown Charleston & can be reached at 843-460-2912, facebook.com/edistoislandshuttle or [email protected]

Private or Non/Commercial Airports - The private airstrip at Edisto no longer permits public access.  The closest option would be Colleton Regional in Walterboro.


Botany Bay Plantation/Wildlife Management Area

This property is a wildlife management area, and NOT a park.  We ask all who visit the area to treat it with respect and help preserve the area for future generations.  The following link will provide a document that summarizes additional details about Botany Bay Plantation:

Botany Bay Brochure

Listed below is a link to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources web site containing information on Botany Bay (843-844-8957 or 843-869-2713);


 Hours of Operation:  Daylight hours (1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset) except during special hunts and events regulated by DNR.   Closed on TUESDAYS.  To determine the dates for scheduled hunts, a calendar is listed on the web site under hours of operation (For your convenience, the following link will access that calendar- https://www.dnr.sc.gov/mlands/managedland?p_id=57)


Roxbury Park

Located on Highway 174, 16 miles from Edisto Beach

A lowcountry treasure offering abundant wildlife, beautiful vistas and private nature tours. Bring your camera, your fishing pole, your kayak or just a good book.  For more information, visit:



Accomodations (Pet Friendly) - For properties that are pet friendly, you can contact the rental companies listed in the accomodations section of the website.  Each of these companies has some units that allow pets, and they can assist you with these options.

Grooming - Edisto Dog Spa is a full service mobile grooming salon that comes to your front door. Call Gwen @ 843-325-5684 or www.edistodogspa.com.

Kennels - There are no kennels on the island.  The closest to Edisto is Dixie Kennels in Hollywood (approx 20 miles - Hwy 162, 843-763-1100 – run by Corky).  The next closest option is Polly's Pet Boarding in Walterboro (925 Rodeo Drive, 843-893-2080).  Finally, you might consider contacting the Charleston Chamber of Commerce (www.charleston.net) or look for options in the yellow pages. 

Ordinances - The ordinances regarding dogs at Edisto Beach are as follows;  They must be on a leash on the sandy beach from May 1 through October 31.  Otherwise, dogs must be within verbal command of owner, on a leash, or in a secure area within the town limits.  For everyone’s convenience, the town just installed some new receptacles for pet waste in higher traffic areas.  (Special Note – the above laws pertain to the Town of Edisto Beach.  If you will be on State Park property, state law requires that dogs be on a leash year round.)

Otter Island – Dogs Not Allowed - The ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve has regulations that prohibit dogs on the beach at Otter Island.  Otter Island has become a very popular nesting area for migratory birds.  Dogs are therefore not allowed on the beach at Otter in order to protect this habitat.  Beyond the regulation itself, Otter Island has a very healthy population of Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, and thus dogs roaming the marsh edge are especially susceptible to snake bite.

Pet Services - Guido's Pampered Pets @ 843-209-5372 offers full service pet care in your own home (feeding, walking, dispensing meds or trips to vet or groomer).

Veterinarian - The closest small animal veterinarian is on this side of Charleston (approximately 45 miles).  Their office is near the Home Depot and Lowes stores in the “West Ashley” area.  Here is their contact info; Bees Ferry Animal Hospital, 1975 Magwood Drive, Charleston 29414, 843-769-6784.



License:  Effective July 1, 2009 the rules for recreational fishing changed.  Individuals recreationally fishing from shore (beach, bank, private dock, free public pier, etc.) and those recreationally shrimping and crabbing will be required to have a salt water recreational fishing license.  Details, exemptions, exceptions, regulations, fees, etc. are available on the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources website (http://www.dnr.sc.gov).


General Info:


ACEBasin (843-889-3084) Info:






EdistoBeachState Park's (843-869-2156, 2756) website:




This link is for the EdistoBeachState Park's new InterpretiveCenter (843-869-4430) and may provide other details.




Public boat ramps on Edisto:

1) The Marina at Edisto, Big Bay Creek, 843-869-3504

2) Live Oak Landing, further up Big Bay Creek adjacent to State Park Interpretive Center, 843-869-4430.  Other EdistoBeachState Park numbers (843-869-2156, 843-869-2756)

3) Steamboat Landing, approximately 6 miles from beach on Steamboat Landing Rd off of Hwy 174,  (ramp on Steamboat Creek off of the NorthEdistoRiver)

4) Dawhoo Landing (approximately 11 miles from beach on Hwy 174, beside McKinley Washington Bridge over intracoastal waterway)

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources issues licenses, etc. and their website and phone number is:


http://www.dnr.sc.gov, 1-866-714-3611 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


Fishing Charters:


Edisto has a number of great options for both inshore and offshore charter trips.  For information on these options, look on the "To Do" link on the web site home page, and select the "fishing trips" link in the summary.

Finally, the Marina at Edisto Beach is a good source of information at 843-631-5055 and www.themarinaeb.com.



Golf Cars/Carts

Rental - For golf cart rental, you can contact Island Bikes and Outfitters (140 Jungle Rd, 843-869-4444, www.islandbikesandoutfitters.com), Palmetto Cart Rental (843-568-0246, 843-327-6969, www.palmettocartrental.com or [email protected]).  

Whether you rent or use your own cart, please note the following laws that are in effect.  These were sent to us by the Edisto Police Department:


  • Golf cart must have a state DMV golf cart permit.  (You can obtain the permit at any state DMV office by showing proof of ownership and insurance.)  (An ATV is not a golf cart, if DMV issues a permit to an ATV in error, it is not valid.)
  • Operator must have a valid Driver's License.
  • Golf carts can be operated during daylight hours only.
  • Can only be operated within 4 miles of residence.
  • Can only be operated on a secondary highway or street.
  • May not be operated on a primary highway but can cross over a primary highway.  (This means straight across, not at an angle.)  (Palmetto Blvd is a primary highway (SC 174), both 4 lanes and 2 lanes and runs from the town limits all the way to the marina.)
  • Open container law and all other motor vehicle parking laws apply to golf carts.

The law prohibits golf carts from being upgraded by adding equipment to convert the cart to a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV). A golf cart can never be legally operated after dark. 


In accordance with South Carolina code of law 56-2-100, a Low Speed Vehicle is a four-wheeled vehicle whose speed attainable in one mile is more than twenty miles per hour (20 mph) and not more than twenty-five miles per hour (25 mph). A LSV may be operated only on a highway for which the posted speed limit is 35 miles an hour or less. Like a golf cart, an LSV may cross a primary highway or at an intersection where the highway has a posted speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour but cannot travel along these highways or streets. Like a golf cart, an LSV can only be operated by a person with a valid driver's license, a permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles and proof of insurance. The state will not title or register homemade Low Speed Vehicles. A LSV can only be operated on roads having speed limits of thirty-five miles per hour (35 mph) or less. A LSV is factory equipped with windshield wipers, rear-view and side-view mirrors, speedometer, turn signals, horn, DOT headlights, taillights, and seatbelts. A LSV may be operated after dark.


Town of Edisto Beach
2414 Murray Street
Edisto Beach, SC 29438
(843) 869-2505



Partly Cloudy




IMPORTANT – ATV’s (Ex.Kawaski Mule Utility Vehicle, etc.) are not considered golf carts according to local ordinances.  They are illegal to operate on the island regardless of SCDOT permits and/or insurance.  To determine whether the vehicle is classified as a golf cart at Edisto, you must call the Town Hall (843-869-2505).


If there are any questions about these ordinances, cart classifications, etc. the Chamber does not have any details beyond those listed above.  For any additional clarification, please contact the Town Hall at 843-869-2505.


Gym or Exercise Facility


There are no public gyms or workout facilities on the island.  If you should be staying with Wyndham Resorts, they do have an exercise facility but their policies restrict the use to either owners or guests.  The Edisto Beach Fire Department (beside Town Hall) has some limited exercise equipment, and permit visitors to share the use of this if available.  The closest gyms to Edisto would be in Charleston, and the Charleston Chamber (www.charlestonchamber.net) could assist you with information on this.

Internet / Wi Fi

1) The Edisto Bookstore has both line and Wi Fi connection capabilities.  You can reach them at 843-869-1885 and www.theedistobookstore.com.  They are located in a small shopping center beside the United States Post Office (approaching the beach, they will be on the right side of Highway 174 - approximately 1.5 miles from the beach).


2) McConkey's Jungle Shack beside the Piggly Wiggly has WiFi, 843-869-0097, 108 Jungle Rd.


3) Charleston County Library now has WiFi, 1589 Hwy 174 (at Trinity Church), 843-869-2355, Hours; Mondays from 10-6, Tuesdays & Fridays from 2-6, Thursday from 2-8 and Saturdays from 10-2.

Metal Detecting


Metal detecting is permitted on the public sandy portion of the beach, but do not expand the search area to any of the dunes.  Our beaches are fragile and erosion has been a problem in some areas.  Walking, disturbing sea oats, or digging in the dunes is prohibited.  If your search should be near the State Park property we understand metal detecting is not permitted but you should confirm these policies with them.  All of the plantations and historical sites are on private property and thus no metal detecting can be done without the owners’ permission.  There is one business (Addam's Artifacts and Relic Hunting Adventures, 843-889-6073) that has access to some private property for these purposes.  You may want to contact them for further details.




All of the plantations are privately owned, occupied, and for privacy reasons their locations are not commonly made public.  In addition, the homes are some distance off the highway on private roads and are not visible from the road.  The only time they are open to the public is during the home tour each Fall.  The Home Tour is always the second weekend in October, and the homes that are on the tour vary from year to year.  For details on this, you can contact The Edisto Island Historic Preservation Society (www.edistomuseum.org, 843-869-1954) since they manage the tour.  The tour sells out each year, so if you are interested you need to order tickets early.

Throughout the year, there are several companies whose tours include access to some of the grounds.  If this if of interest, you can contact them as follows; Tours of Edisto, 843-869-1984 or Island Tours & Tings, 843-869-1110/843-271-0407. 



The Town of Edisto Beach is not currently set up for curb side recycled material pickup.   A recycling center is available for drop off on Holmes Street (beside Town Hall - in the 2500 block).  Walk in access is available during day light hours daily, and drive in access is available on Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons, and during the day on Saturday.  We encourage our citizens and visitors alike to take advantage of this.




There are no public courts on the island.  The only tennis courts on Edisto are inside Wyndham Resorts.  These are for the exclusive use of their guests or owners, and their policy does not permit outside guests.  The next closest courts would be about one hour away in Charleston.  Although we do not have any details on these courts, the Charleston Chamber (www.charlestonchamber.net) can likely help you.   Any school courts would be in Charleston as well, and thus you could contact the Charleston County School System (843-937-6300) for that info


Tide Charts


For tide information you can, a) pick up free tide charts at Edisto (they are available at many stores or realty companies), or b) you can print out custom charts via the web as follows:


 1) Go to:    http://www.saltwatertides.com/dynamic.dir/scarolinasites.html


 2) Select the area you want the tide chart for (locations for North Edisto River,Edisto beach, South Edisto River, etc.)


 3) Select the month and day to start and how many days you want.  Press the “get tides” button and the tide data will be displayed and can be printed.




  Edisto Chamber of Commerce
42 Station Court
P.O. Box 206
Edisto Island, SC 29438
[email protected]


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