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4/12/2010 Another happy vacationer

I wanted to extend a most heartfelt thanks for making our recent stay on Edisto Island a very pleasant time.  We've stayed on Edisto Beach many times before, but this time, we wanted to take our young dog, Max, on his first family trip to a beach where he could enjoy the beach without the restraints of having to be on a leash the entire time.

Please forward our appreciation to the City fathers and the "powers that be" in their tenderness and kindness in allowing dog owners to play with their dogs on the beach 6 months of the year on Edisto "leash-free".

We worked with Max a lot before our trip on "off-leash" behavior, and while on Edisto, we received so many compliments on his good behavior for a dog so young.  He enjoyed and loved the beach -- he would sit for hours just watching the ocean and the waves, and the moon rising over the ocean.  Apparently, dogs are as much affected by the tranquility of the ocean waves and beach environment as people are.

Again, many thanks.  Your website was perfect for helping us and our grandchildren (their first trip to the ocean) enjoy our vacation, and for all the great information.  Edisto Beach is one of the few beaches that are very family-oriented and specialize in a quiet and relaxing vacation for everyone.

  Edisto Chamber of Commerce
42 Station Court
P.O. Box 206
Edisto Island, SC 29438


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