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11/17/2009 Testimonials

Edisto Chamber of Commerce
Media Kit: Testimonials

Liz Mitchell, from “Beach Bytes: Slow Down on Edisto Island”
“Edisto Beach is only two miles long, where the usual crowds of summer vacationers are still a rarity. It’s a popular family destination for South Carolinians who plan reunions, weddings, girlfriend getaways, or fishing trips. Many visitors who discover Edisto decide to stay to escape a busy city or cold climate, and a few native South Carolinians remain to open up family businesses.”

Aida Rogers, from “Edisto Magic,” Sandlapper
“Edisto is old-fashioned. No hotels. No waterslide. No traffic light. Just ocean, creek, marsh and seafood. You can buy great watermelon and corn at weather-worn produce stands, and watch dogs hanging out with their masters at work. They don’t call it ‘Edislow’ for nothing.”

B. Hendrickson, from “Edisto Island: Food Worth Leaving France For,” TravelPod
“Edisto Island has been my family's summer destination of choice for the past fifteen years ever since my grandparents bought a timeshare condo when I was in my pre-teens. This gem of an island getaway has one grocery store, two gas stations, zero fast food restaurants, zero hotels and endless acres of marsh, twisting creek inlets, dirt roads shaded by arching branches of live oak draped in stately Spanish moss, white sand beaches boasting a higher population of loggerhead turtle eggs than human bodies slathered in oily sunscreen, and a dizzying array of marine life. In short, if your idea of fun on a Friday night is a crazy round of bar hopping, do not come to Edisto. But if you want to experience a diverse saltwater ecosystem, Gullah cooking, leisurely bike rides serenaded by cicada melodies, and long walks on shell-strewn beaches, Edisto is your place.”
Amy, from “Relaxing Time,” TravelPod
“Edisto Beach is lovely, completely untouched, with pretty little beach houses all on stilts and the beach full of amazing shells.”

Carol Ann, from “Edisto Island . . . a little slice of Heaven,” WordPress
“There aren’t too many places I’ve been to that I recall being so close to experiencing a slice of heaven, than in Edisto Island, South Carolina. From Lawton, Oklahoma, to Playa Linda Beach, Florida, to Munich, Germany – no place I’ve been to or lived can compare.

With a population of just over 2,000, Edisto Island is the perfect destination of choice for weary workers seeking the solace and comfort of a home away from home . . . without the stress and anxiety of day-to-day life, work, and deadlines.”

Mark Aronowitz, from “Edisto Island . . . a special place,” WordPress
“It is a non-commercialized beach, with a few shops, a couple of restaurants, a gem of a golf course (The Plantation Course at Edisto), and the beach. It is quiet, warm, and peaceful. I always have seen myself as the type of person that would always pick skiing in the mountains over hanging out on a hot beach as a vacation. Last summer changed that for me!”

CC Nanny, from TripAdvisor
“Edisto is definitely a family island. If you’re looking for a house party or wild time, don’t bother. Edisto is basically the same now as it was when people first started going there. There aren’t many activities outside of the beach, but Charleston is only an hour away. If you’re looking for a place that you can take your family and not worry about having to listen to traffic or a bunch of people making a lot of noise, Edisto is your place.”

Anonymous, from TripAdvisor
“This is the only vacation spot we have found that we actually relax and return home renewed. There are plenty of restaurants, less than 10, and you never have to wait in lines . . . for anything. No traffic, no neon lights, no crowds. Serene, peaceful, beautiful. My favorite spot in the world!”

Lori Martinez, from “Edisto: Quiet Paradise,” Epinions
“If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing, and rustic vacation spot, think of Edisto for your next trip. There are no hotels, so you’ll need to book a rental house, timeshare or bed and breakfast. There are also no fast food or chain restaurants, bowling alleys, theme parks or movie theatres.

What you will find is a world of scenic beauty. Edisto Island has retained a charm, beauty and quiet pace reminiscent of the 40’s or 50s. There are miles of beautiful beaches, chock full of shells.”

Anonymous, from “Edisto: Longing to be there now,” Yahoo! Travel
“Edisto Beach is wonderful. It is my favorite place in the whole wide world. We can’t wait to get back there each year, and hate when we have to leave.”

Anonymous, from “Uncrowded and Peaceful,” Yahoo! Travel
“If you want a place to get away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Edisto Island is the place to be. Located along the east coast between Charleston, SC, and Hilton Head Island, it’s one of the last remaining costal retreats that give you a sense of your own private beach. If you’re looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate the soul, this Island is the place to spend a week of relaxation.”

Anonymous, from “Edisto Beach,” IgoUgo
“What a quiet and beautiful beach!”

Michele Johnson
I wanted to extend a most heartfelt thanks for making our recent stay on Edisto Island a very pleasant time. We've stayed on Edisto Beach many times before, but this time we wanted to take our young dog, Max, on his first family trip to a beach where he could enjoy the beach without the restraints of having to be on a leash the entire time.

Please forward our appreciation to the town fathers and the “powers that be” in their tenderness and kindness in allowing dog owners to play with their dogs on the beach for six months of the year on Edisto “leash-free.” We worked with Max a lot before our trip on “off-leash” behavior, and while on Edisto we received so many compliments on his good behavior for a dog so young.  He enjoyed and loved the beach -- he would sit for hours just watching the ocean and the waves, and the moon rising over the ocean.  Apparently, dogs are as much affected by the tranquility of the ocean waves and beach environment as people are.

Again, many thanks.  Your website was perfect for helping us and our grandchildren (their first trip to the ocean) enjoy our vacation, and for all the great information.  Edisto Beach is one of few beaches that is very family-oriented and that specializes in a quiet and relaxing vacation for everyone.

  Edisto Chamber of Commerce
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