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1/20/2010 WinGolfer: Edisto Island

By Norah McCuller

Edisto Island

Located in South Carolina, Edisto Island is one of the region’s precious sea islands designated by the census in Charleston County. It recorded a population of about 2, 632 in the 2000 census residing within its 67.8 square miles (14.3 square kilometers) of total area. Of this, about 0.2 square miles or 0.4 square kilometers is water. The rest makes up Edisto Island’s total land area. Home to the famed Edisto Beach and the Wyndham Timeshare resorts, Edisto Island can be reached from the south part of Charleston, South Carolina in about an hour.

Population and Demographics

Edisto Island is populated mostly by African Americans, but there are also Asians, White Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics or Latinos, and people of other races and nations. Fresh out of retirement? It’s time to relax and be reminded of what it feels to have a holiday.

Visit Edisto Beach

The world is gradually running out of uncommercialized beaches and resorts that allow visitors to discover the splendor of nature. Edisto Beach that lies within Edisto Island is one of the few left. Lined with Spanish moss and live oak trees, Edisto Island is home to countless breathtaking sceneries and holiday destinations that make the most splendid memories. Offering glorious helpings of fun and spiritual fulfillment are Edisto Island’s breath-taking beaches and resorts, beautiful view of the sunset, picturesque sceneries, marvelous historical sites, lovely beach homes, and tasty seafood cuisine.

Edisto Island is one of South Carolina’s oldest settlements. This remote barrier island features various plantations, churches, and parks for different holiday experiences for families, lovers, groups, and lone travelers. It has churches and other ancient structures from the 1800s. It also has vast plantations that provide generous fresh air.

Edisto Island is also home to the Edisto Beach State Park, which is a paradise to people who want to go biking, walking, picnicking, and nature-tripping. Edisto Beach State Park features a salt marsh, as well as a maritime forest where there is a visitor’s center and a nature trail where anyone can go nature-tripping.

Edisto Island’s long and beautiful beaches welcome visitors who are off on their holidays to have their usual beach holiday activities with their family, friends, or other loved ones.

Holiday Activities in Edisto Island

There are various holiday activities that you can do in Edisto Island, particularly in Edisto Beach. You can go swimming and picnicking. You can catch your seafood and transform them into your favorite seafood dish in one of the island’s bars and restaurants. Here are other suggestions:

1. Go on board a ship or cruise boat and be off on a romantic dinner cruise with your loved one, or a peaceful and memorable cruise with your family or friends.

2. Visit Edisto Island’s famous Serpentarium and experience the world of reptiles. See snakes and other reptiles up close.

3. Go hiking along the nature trails of Cypress Gardens. You can also go on a boat tour, joining pre-arranged tours with a tour guide or setting off on your own.

4. Swing your club in Edisto Island’s Ocean Creek Golf Course for a unique golfing experience.

5. Explore the wonders of Edisto State Park Beach, watching marine life and appreciating the blue wonders of the sky and the sea.

With all the unspoken wonders of Edisto Island, there are so many other things that you can do. Just make sure to research about Edisto Island first before setting off if it’s your first time to be there. You can tag people along or go on a relaxing beach holiday on your own, whichever you like best.

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