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2/3/2010 Atlantic Guesthouse: An Edisto Beach Vacation Will Be Quietly Satisfying

Long ago, the Edistow Indians made their home on a strip of what is now South Carolinaís coast, becoming the first of many to find this an attractive place to be. Tracing history will reveal that Spanish travelers, English settlers, and many descendents in search of farm land and relaxing ocean views all followed that initial good example. Based on what youíll hear about the Edisto of today, itís likely that youíll soon hop on the bandwagon by making this the focus of your next well-deserved vacation.

Edisto Beach is located in the Charleston, South Carolina area, a region well known for bringing in weekenders and weary souls in need of a good rest. This city and the nearby beaches are filled with history, southern charm, recreational activities and plenty of opportunity to sit on a beach towel and let your mind release from the clenched, stressed-out state that it normally exists in.

Itís a pretty quiet place and not as hopping as some of the other nearby islands, which might be music to your ears. Family friendly and brimming with unspoiled nature, Edisto is good at making people feel like they really are away from it all. A lack of commercialization and zero traffic lights might make you feel like youíve gone back in time, or at the very least, like youíve gone to a simpler place where deadlines and cell phones fear to tread. If youíve lately had an overdose of urban noise and bustle, give Edisto a little of your time.

If youíre feeling inclined to enjoy the peace of the water, reserve a boat tour that will take you around the salty marshes and a ways offshore, too. Watch for dolphins or great blue herons, or acquire some fishing gear and set your mind towards reeling something in. Even if you donít catch anything, the feeling of bobbing along the water with your eyes trained on the sparkling waves will make up for all those hours spent sitting in traffic jams. The view from this angle isnít so bad either; check out some old plantation homes and beaches whose seclusion will ignite the poet within you.

Once youíre back on dry land, you wonít know which way to turn. Pleasant golf courses will call out to you, as will the biking paths that stretch parallel to the shoreline. Exercise fanatics will be able to get their fix this way, and casual types will find it to their liking to stretch their legs and fill their lungs with fresh air by means of a walk after a meal or before nap time calls.

Speaking of meals, the restaurant selection on Edisto Beach isnít as varied as youíd find in some places, but the simple, fresh, often seafood-themed dinners definitely get the job done. Fill up on shrimp or oysters, and donít worry about breaking out the ties or high heels. Everything is casual in these parts, so dress for comfort and above all, enjoy yourself.

Bring a camera to capture a few key moments and images from this visit, or even better, check out the local art scene for a souvenir that will always bring you back to this lovely little trip. From pottery to paintings, furniture to cook books, the creative spirit of Edisto will surely win you over if you give it a chance. You might never have thought that an unassuming beach town would have so many surprises, but exploring this hidden jewel will reveal plenty of unexpected qualities worth investigating on a sun-dappled afternoon.

If this sounds like your kind of trip, then start investigating today. A superior vacation is well within your reach, so give a little effort now to ensure that all will go well later on. This means skipping the boring hotel route and checking out a vacation rental that will exceed your expectations by offering more than just standard amenities.

Having the beach within easy reach as well as feeling like the master of your own one-of-a-kind domain will immeasurably add to your upcoming holiday, so go online and look through all the Edisto Beach Vacation Rentals. This getaway is just what you need, so get ready to loosen up and learn to relax again.

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