Town of Edisto Beach

Approximately 45 miles south of Charleston and east of Walterboro, coastal Highway U.S. 17 junctures with S.C. Highway 174. From there it is a leisurely 20 minute drive along Highway 174 to Edisto while passing through moss-covered oak archways, past old country churches, working farms and antebellum plantation estates. The Intra-Coastal Waterway at the McKinley Washington, Jr. Bridge marks the gateway to Edisto Island.

Edisto remains one of the FEW unspoiled beach areas on the East Coast. The lifestyle is fashioned in a Lowcountry profile and the area's appeal is its unstructured atmosphere. Neither permanent residents nor visitors require formality. It is a casual, relaxed, natural feeling that is experienced by all.

Come visit our Town and discover the secrets of Edisto.

- Jane Darby, Mayor


Town Contact Info:

Town Hall
Town of Edisto Beach
2414 Murray Street
Edisto Beach, South Carolina 29438

Telephone: (843) 869-2505
FAX: (843) 869-3855

Business Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday

Town of Edisto Beach Officials:

Jane Darby, Mayor

Jerome Kizer

Susan Hornsby

Crawford Moore

Patti Smyer

Iris Hill, Administrator
Denney Conley, Fire Chief

George Brothers, Police Chief
Robert "Bob" W. Doub, Jr., Utility Director

Patrick Brown, Building Code Administrator

County: Colleton
Planning District: Low Country
Form of Government: Council
Full Time Employees: 32

Ordinances for the Town of Edisto Beach:

Edisto Beach Hurricane Preparedness:





PHONE:  (843) 869-2505

FAX: (843) 869-3855

Iris Hill, Town Administrator

Local Emergency Preparedness Manager

[email protected]

Denney Conley, Fire Chief

[email protected]



Hurricanes are devastating powerhouses of wind, rain and surf.  With fierce winds in excess of 74 miles per hour revolving counter-clockwise around a low atmospheric pressure eye, hurricanes whip up seas and tides to dangerous levels.  In addition, hurricanes inundate low-lying areas with relentless rainfall.  This dangerous combination causes severe flooding and wind damage to coastal and inland regions.

Storm surge development takes place over deep water, where the drop in barometric pressure in the storm center causes the sea to bulge.  A second action develops as the hurricane winds, created by these differences in atmospheric pressure, sweep across the sea surface.  This causes a swirling movement of the surface water which gradually goes down about 300 feet.  As long as the swirling takes place at this depth, the sea level remains stable.

When the hurricane approaches land, the circling mass scrapes the ocean bottom and tries to spread out in all directions and begins to pile up.  Surge heights peak as the hurricane makes landfall.  The maximum surge occurs 10-20 miles right of the eye, near the point of maximum winds.  The surge lifts the ocean 15 feet or more above mean sea level at the coastline, causing severe coastal flooding.  The hurricane may spend most of its energy hitting the shoreline.  

Coastal areas are most threatened by the storm surge.  Causing extremely high tides and flash floods, a majority of hurricane related deaths are attributed to flood waters and unpredictable seas.



Edisto Beach Evacuation Route:

Hwy 174 West to Hwy 17 South to Hwy 64

Evacuees should be prepared to travel to Aiken-Augusta area


When evacuating to other Counties, you may want to call ahead to their Emergency Operations Center to speak with a Public Information Officer.  It may be helpful to gain information about shelter, hotels, traffic back-ups, etc.  Listed below are the phone numbers to the County EOCs and local radio stations for those counties.  Tune in for up-to-date evacuation information.

Colleton County

EOC (843)549-5632 Wally 93.7 FM

Hampton County

EOC (803)914-2150 WBHC 92.1 FM or

   1270 AM

Allendale County

EOC (803)584-4081 WDDG 93.5 FM

Barnwell County

EOC (803)541-1159 WBAW 99.1 FM


Bamberg County

EOC  (803)245-4313 SRIT 790 AM or

   92.1 FM


Be prepared; make plans now!  Gather and store emergency items in a carry-out bag or luggage.   Some suggestions for emergency items are:

Flashlight with batteries


Legal Documents (insurance, will, etc)

Personal hygiene products

Battery operated radio with batteries

Bottled water

Canned and non-perishable foods

Manual can opener

Candles and matches

Paper plates, plastic utensils

Eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.

 Phone numbers of physicians, family, and friends

Below are helpful reminders to better prepare you for possible evacuation.

Listen for weather updates and follow instructions.

Be sure car is filled with gas.

Be familiar with evacuation route.

Try to leave before nightfall.  Night darkness hides flooded roadways when heavy rainfall is occurring.

Remember any special dietary needs.

Arrange for pets’ safety.

Take bedding and essential clothing.

Stay away from windows and glass doors.

Tell someone where you are going.

Shut off electricity, gas and water.

 If you live in a mobile home – LEAVE.

If evacuation notice is issued, review this checklist; take your carry-out bag or luggage and LEAVE.


If you are in a public shelter, remain there until information from those in charge say that it is safe to leave.

If you have evacuated out of town, you can obtain updated hurricane recovery information regarding ColletonCounty by calling the Colleton County Emergency Preparedness Agency at (843) 549-5632.  Updated information regarding road conditions, storm damage estimates, utility restoration timelines, curfews, shelter information, re-entry times, etc., will be available.

NOTE:  If hurricane damage occurs, there could be a possible delay in allowing residents to return to the county.  Emergency workers are the first to return to the county to restore utilities, remove debris from the main roadways, and carry out search and rescue efforts.  Please be patient!!!

Driving may be especially hazardous due to debris on streets, possible flooding, emergency vehicles in operation, and traffic signals/street lights possibly out of service.  Stay away from rivers or streams or other low lying areas where flooding is likely.

Downed or dangling power lines pose a lethal threat.

Make emergency repairs only to prevent further damage.

Check to make sure that refrigerated foods haven’t spoiled if there has been a power outage.

Use emergency water ration until you’ve been notified that the water supply is safe.

Report any damage to your insurance agent.







  Edisto Chamber of Commerce
42 Station Court
P.O. Box 206
Edisto Island, SC 29438


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