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Mailing Address:  8112 Palmetto Rd, Edisto Island, SC   29438

Kennel Location:  Oyster Factory Road.  Please call to visit.

Contact:  Margaret Towe, 843-869-3869,

Web Site:

Date of Incorporation:  October 11, 2012

EIN/Tax ID Number:  46-0911757


Board Members:

Ken Korpanty, President/Chairman

Amie Carter, Vice President

Christine N. Houser, Secretary

Margaret Towe, Treasurer

Margaret Arnold



Margaret Arnold

Katie and son Parker Black

Amie Carter

Jim Connor

Debbie Dunning

Judy, Kenny and daughter Katie

Melba Good

Marlene and Dick Hanft

Molly and Fritz Hartrich

Christine Houser

Jeannean Jenkins

Ken Korpanty

Ava McNair

Dana Rasmussen

Susan and Nate Rish

Dana Sharbrough

Will Smith and Kay Forbes-Smith

Margaret Towe

Denise Tutas

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Animal Lovers of Edisto Canine is Edisto Island's only all-volunteer, “no-kill” canine rescue.  We    are made up of a small group of volunteers who help stray and found dogs on Edisto Island, parts of Colleton County near Edisto Island and the communities of Adams Run, Meggett, Hollywood, and Ravenel.  We also help owners rehome pets and, under unusual circumstances, may take pet surrenders.  We are very small and can only house and care for about eight rescues at a time in our shelter and two to three foster homes.  Our primary mission is to provide vet care, food, shelter and love until our rescues are healthy and socialized enough to  be adopted. Toward that purpose, we serve the community in the following ways:


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Rescue: In 2013 we rescued 65 dogs and puppies and saved them from possible euthanasia in county shelters.  We also reunited 10 dogs with their owners.  In 2014 we rescued 44 dogs.  Eight of the 44 were rescued in December, 2014.  Nine of the 44 were still with us at the beginning of 2015.  By February, 2015, five of the nine were adopted into loving forever homes.  Since January, 2015, Animal Lovers has rescued four more and there will no doubt be more to come. Rescuing and placing dogs is like the tide: coming in and going out. We are the only “no-kill” animal shelter people can call on for help almost 24 hours a day. 

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Vetting, Care, Spay and Neuter: Every rescue is examined by a veterinarian and receives appropriate medical treatment, including vaccinations and heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. Every rescue is spayed or neutered. Volunteers visit the dogs twice a day, seven days a week, to feed and water them, pet them, walk them, socialize them, clean their kennels, refresh their bedding and administer medicines.

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Placement in Permanent Homes: In 2013 we placed 61 of the 65 and in 2014 we placed 35 of the 44 rescued adult dogs and puppies in loving forever homes through online and print postings as well as by participating in festivals and at adoption events.  In January, 2015, Animal Lovers was approved as a Petco Adoption partner which allows us to hold adoption events at Petco stores.


Rehoming and Surrender of Pets:  When requested, Animal Lovers of Edisto Canine Rescue helps individuals rehome their pets and takes surrenders only in unusual situations such as serious illness, death, loss of residence or financial hardship of pet owners.

Spay and Neuter Information and Assistance to Persons with Economic Need:

We refer individuals with economic need to other area nonprofits that may be able to provide spaying/neutering, low-cost veterinary services and free or low-cost dog food. Whenever possible, we respond to requests for food, housing, preventatives, deworming, help with an injured or sick pet, and help getting a pet spayed or neutered.



Adoptable rescues can be seen online at or by searching the 29438 zip code or our website at and on Facebook.  To make an appointment to visit our rescues at our Edisto Island shelter, call any of our volunteers or Margaret at 843-869-3869.   We ask a minimum adoption donation of $100 to help defray the costs of caring for and vetting the dogs while in our care; those expenses average a minimum of $175 to $200 per dog. 


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Animal Lovers of Edisto is operated solely by volunteers who love dogs and see the great need for rescue shelters. Volunteers do everything needed to help the rescues — who are usually flea and tick infested, mangy, malnourished and sometimes injured — become healthy, happy, adoptable pets.  Some things you can do to help:


• Walk dogs:  Rescues need to be walked, fed and given fresh water at least twice daily

• Pet dogs and puppies:  Rescues need socialization through human contact

• Foster a dog in your home while it is in rescue

• Train dogs the basic commands of sit, stay, come, down, leash walk so they are more adoptable

• Share information about adoptable or lost/found dogs on social media

• Donate:  If shelters and rescue groups won the lottery we'd still be in debt

• Help with fundraising

• Create items for the rescues such as beds, Adopt Me Vests, and dog treats

• Provide carpentry skills for kennel repairs and improvements

• Photograph our dogs to help them get adopted



Mail donations to Animal Lovers of Edisto Canine Rescue, 8112 Palmetto Rd., Edisto Beach, SC 29438, or go to to make a credit card gift. Approximately 95% of all funds go directly to the dogs in our care, with the remainder providing for other essential operating expenses. We are a registered S.C. nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity and rely solely on donations and grants for support. Animal Lovers has no paid staff, only volunteers.  All donations are tax deductible.


Animal Lovers of Edisto Canine Rescue is a small organization with limited facilities. As a “no- kill” shelter we are never without rescued strays, abandoned and found dogs in our care. Please join our cause to prevent cruelty to animals by becoming a beneficiary or a volunteer.


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Edisto Island, SC 29438


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