We are a small Chamber, and may not have all of the stereotypical info for relocation that larger offices may have.  I will summarize the info we do have associated with some of the more frequently asked questions.  To assist in understanding some of the following, note that Edisto Island is primarily made up of two land masses (a smaller barrier island commonly known as EdistoBeach, and the larger land mass just inland - between the beach and the bridge over the intra coastal waterway).



Counties:  The beach or barrier island is in Colleton County and is incorporated as the Town of Edisto Beach.  The remainder of the island is in Charleston County.


Sewer/Septic – A few streets on the beach (barrier island) have sewer connections, but most lots utilize septic systems.  There is no sewer service available on the island, and all residents use septic systems.


Water – The Town of Edisto Beach has several wells that provide water to residents of the beach.  The Town water does contain trace amounts of salt to a sufficient level that most residents have reverse osmosis (RO) systems for ice or beverage usage.  The Town has public RO well valves at the Town Hall where both residents and visitors can fill containers.  For information on water service within the Town of Edisto Beach, you can contact the Town Hall at 843-869-2505.


All water on the island comes from individual private wells.


Building Permits and Ordinances - Town of Edisto Beach 843-869-2505


Business Licenses and Ordinances - For information on licenses or ordinances associated with running a business in the Town of Edisto Beach contact the Town Hall at 843-869-2505.


Garbage - For garbage pickup info or questions within the Town of Edisto Beach, you can contact the town hall at 843-869-2505.  Residents in Charleston County would need to contact the county to learn more about pickup options.  There is a small private service that may be able to assist you:


George Dossett

P. O. Box 553

Edisto Island

SC 29438 843-869-1627


Power CompanySouth Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G), 843-576-8000.


Cable & Internet - Local cable service (television & internet) is provided by Comcast.  You can reach them at either (843) 554-4100 or (843) 559-2424.


Telephone & Internet - Telephone service (including internet) is provided by ATT 888-764-2500 (Residential Services).


Schools – There is one school on the island.  Jane Edwards School (843-869-2124) provides elementary and middle school services on the island (Charleston County).  Depending on which county students live in, they go inland to high schools in Walterboro, Hollywood, or Charleston.  


Weather - Our weather is quite mild during the winter.  The closer you live to the water, the milder the winter temperatures are.  A couple of miles will result in a significant difference.  For the worse seasons in recent memory, we only have one or two days where we reached freezing at the beach.   Summers are typical hot and humid and there are few surprises with this for anyone who has traveled in the South.  For serious consideration, we suggest you research mean temperatures and other data on some of the weather websites to give you specifics beyond the general info provided here.


HealthcareEdisto has one Doctor (General Practitioner) at the beach (Rebecca Borders 843-869-3111).  Although there are no pharmacies on the island, there are several near Highway 17 in either Hollywood or Ravenel (approximately 20 miles).  The closest options for other medical services (hospitals, etc.) would be in Charleston.  St Francis has a hospital on this side of Charleston in the West Ashley area.  It would be approximately 40 miles from the beach.  There is one dental practice on the island.



Rental - Long term rental units are difficult to find on Edisto.  There are no apartments on the island.  Most of the rental property is dedicated to tourism and thus are managed for short term visits.  Occasionally an owner rents out their house or a portion of it (duplex, garage apt, etc.), but these are not typically advertised anywhere except on local bulletin boards.  The following are the realty companies who manage rental properties:, 843-869-2151, 800-476-0126, 843-869-2527, 800-868-5398

Egrets Point Townhouses, no web site, [email protected] , 843-869-0100, 843-869-4527, 877-296-6335, 843-869-2516, 800-945-9667


Purchase – To purchase property, you can contact:, Atwood Vacations/Real Estate 843-869-2151, 866-713-5214, Edisto Sales and Rental Realty 843-869-2527, 866-856-6538, Edisto Real Estate Company, 866-446-2743, 843-869-3939, Carolina One Kapp Lyons, 843-869-2516, 800-945-9667, Carolina One Sea Island Realty, 843-869-3163


We appreciate your interest in Edisto, and wish you luck with your relocation efforts.  If this has been helpful, and you are in contact with these businesses, please mention the Chamber so they can track referrals. 

  Edisto Chamber of Commerce
42 Station Court
P.O. Box 206
Edisto Island, SC 29438


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