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If you desire the time and a place to relax, Edisto can provide it to you. The tired and stressed slaves of a 9 to 5 day will embrace Edisto's lack of commercialization and easy laid back attitude. Take a leisurely drive down the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway and paradise lies at the end of the road (literally, the end of Highway 174) and is a place devoid of traffic lights and has a top speed limit of 35 miles per hour. A stopped clock doesn't mean much around here.

Though Edisto remains unblemished by neon and drive-thrus, your vacation holiday can be filled with indulgences for the body, mind and spirit. You will find souvenir shopping a delight in a half-dozen or so of the most unique galleries and gift shops anywhere on the east coast. Local artists bring the exquisite beauty of the Island to canvas, furniture, jewelry and pottery and one of Edisto's local cookbooks, 'Pon Top Edisto, is a required take home reading assignment. (But beware, reading our local cookbooks can be agonizing if you are living out of reach of the fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables available in the road-side stands and dockside seafood markets.)

Dining out will be a memorable experience in any one of about a dozen restaurants on the Island. Enjoy local oysters in the Fall and Winter months, crabs in the summer, shrimp just about year 'round. But leave your "dress for dinner" clothes at home. We'll have none of that here. Remember, the key word is "casual".

Keep an eye on the ocean while you are here and you'll likely earn a glimpse of dolphins gracefully breaking the water with their dorsal fins. Drive carefully at night on the Island's side roads for deer may be crossing. Look carefully in the lagoons and marsh grass to find a great blue heron tiptoeing about. These are surely snapshots in the mind that you'll take home to treasure.

You will want to explore the creeks and marshes on one of the many boat tours our local captains offer. View plantation homes from the water and visit secluded beaches for some prime time shelling. Or you can rent a canoe or kayak and explore the waters yourself. Off-shore and in-shore fishing trips present an opportunity to bring home supper and forever after bore your friends with "the one that got away" stories.

After you explore the Island via water, see the "high and dry" version of Edisto and the surrounding Lowcountry. Several land tours are available and each tour is unique in its own way, presenting history and legend via various perspectives.  Be sure to visit Botany Bay where you can kayak, hike, or travel by car through the driving loop to access points of interest for birding enthusiasts, those who appreciate the wide diversity of wildlife, and outdoor enthusiasts.  Bring your camera, your fishing pole, your kayak or just a good book to Roxbury Park, where you can also arrange for a private nature walk. If you crave an aerobic heartbeat, rent a bike. Exploring the beach by bicycle is fun and safe with miles of designated bike paths just a step away from most doorways.

The list goes on. . . play golf, check out the museums, visit a Serpentarium (FYI; that's a reptile museum). Or spend a long day under the shade of an umbrella with that paperback that has been calling your name. Just choose your pleasure. Life need not be complicated, at least while you are here.


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