Botany Bay

Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve

Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area is a 4,600-acre preserve that includes almost three miles of undeveloped beachfront unlike anywhere else. This undisturbed tract of land features pine hardwood forests, agricultural fields, coastal wetlands, and a coastal habitat for a wide range of wildlife species. Some species you may encounter while visiting include the loggerhead sea turtle, snakes (some of which may be venomous), alligators, lizards, egrets, seagulls the state-threatened least tern, painted buntings, summer tanager, fiddler crabs, mussels, oysters, blue crabs, ghost crabs, and racoons.

You can tour most of the property in half a day or less. Visit the information kiosk to pick up a guide for the self-guided driving tour. If you feel like getting out and exploring the beach, you can park in the beach access parking lot. Enjoy the beautiful half-mile walk through the Pockoy Island Trail, then cross a small barrier island to arrive at the 2.8 miles of shoreline. Here you’ll get to experience the “boneyard” of sun-bleached dead trees along the white sand.

Due to erosion from recent hurricanes the beach is impassable during high tide. So, make sure you check local tide charts before starting your adventure. Enjoy the amazing variety of shells, starfish, and sand dollars but don’t take anything with you (shell collecting is prohibited). After visiting the beach continue onto the driving tour where you’ll see beautiful old structures, crawling trees draped with Spanish Moss, and plenty of wildlife.

Visiting & Hours
Botany Bay is free and open to the public.
Open: every day except Tuesdays
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

*be sure to check the calendar before visiting in the Fall/Winter

Frequently Asked Questions- Botany Bay

  • Can I get married at Botany Bay? Weddings are allowed on Botany Bay. Chairs and decorations are not allowed, only people. Please contact Botany Bay (843) 869-2713 for more information on planning a wedding.
  • Why is shell collection not allowed? We want Botany Bay to remain untouched, so shell collection and the beach are both strictly monitored by Botany Bay volunteers.
  • Why is Botany Bay Closed on Tuesdays? There are controlled hunts in Botany Bay on every Tuesday. In the Fall & Winter, there are more scheduled hunts, so be sure to check the calendar before you plan your trip.
  • Are pets allowed? Botany Bay does not allow pets on the causeway to the beach or on the beach.
  • What else isn’t allowed on Botany Bay? Alcohol, metal detectors, and drones are not allowed. Visitors are not permitted to leave behind any items in the preserve or on the beach.
  • Is there a fee to enter Botany Bay? Visitors are not required to pay to enter Botany Bay, however they are required to obtain a day pass from the kiosk upon entry into the park.
  • Is the causeway to the beach wheelchair accessible? Yes, the causeway to the beach is wheelchair accessible.