Discover Edisto Beach

Welcome to Edisto Beach, a special place that offers unique experiences that will make you want to come back year after year. Edisto is a not-so-well-kept secret just a short drive from Charleston, South Carolina. You may be visiting Edisto for the first time or may be one of many visitors and vacation homeowners that return to Edisto each year to relax and recharge, but we guarantee you will not want to leave.

So Much to See

Take a leisurely drive down the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway and paradise lies at the end of the road (literally, the end of Highway 174). You will find a place devoid of traffic lights with a top speed limit of 35 miles per hour where many choose to navigate the oak and palmetto-lined, sandy lanes on a bicycle.   Rent a vacation home, condominium or timeshare  as Edisto has no hotels and is committed to limited commercial development with a focus on safeguarding the family-oriented lifestyle and pristine views.

Enough Beach for Everyone

Almost five miles of beach offers 37 separate public access points along with the beautiful beach at Edisto Beach State Park, giving everyone plenty of room to stretch out. You can even camp near the beach at one of our two State Park Campgrounds.

Land of Turtles and Egrets

Wildlife is protected and plentiful on Edisto.  Loggerhead Turtles return each year between May and August to nest. Through October, the baby sea turtles hatch and find their way back to the ocean, imprinting on Edisto along the way so they can return for years to come. Dolphins, pelicans, buntings, egrets and other shorebirds are also plentiful on Edisto. Keep an eye on the ocean while you are here and you’ll likely earn a glimpse of dolphins gracefully breaking the water with their dorsal fins. Drive carefully at night on the Island’s side roads as deer may be crossing. Look keenly at the lagoons and marsh grass to find a great blue heron tiptoeing about.

A Unique Place for Vacation or a Special Event

Our landmarks are fun to find and a joy to behold – check out the Mystery Tree and the Bikini Tree. Follow the lazy flight of pelicans and egrets, grab a bucket and gather some crabs for a tasty meal or just hang out and enjoy your time  with family and friends. If you are looking for a unique location for a special event or beach wedding, Edisto may be the place you’ve been seeking. Beautiful beach settings and historic plantations offer gorgeous backdrops for your special day. Watch Edisto’s very own shrimp boats, the “Sarah Jane” and the “Sea Bounty” return from a day at sea. Visit the local seafood markets to purchase the day’s catch and enjoy the preparation of the sea’s harvest in your kitchen. You will always remember the moments you enjoyed at Edisto.   Savor the experience and you can always come back. We hope you do!


Five-day forecast

See the Edisto Island Extended Forecast

Current Tides

3/20 23:23
Low Tide
-0.97 feet
3/21 05:36
High Tide
6.93 feet
3/21 11:49
Low Tide
-1.06 feet
3/21 17:51
High Tide
7.02 feet
3/22 00:13
Low Tide
-1.01 feet
3/22 06:23
High Tide
6.81 feet
3/22 12:34
Low Tide
-1.09 feet
3/22 18:38
High Tide
7.10 feet
Current Water Temperature
57°F (monthly average)
Moon Phase
Waning Crescent
The moon is currently 28% illuminated. illuminated.