Introducing… the Turtle Tide Art Project!

We are excited to announce the Turtle Tide Art Project! 🐢 This project is designed to benefit local businesses, artists, and non-profit organizations, as well as support conservation efforts and increase knowledge of loggerhead turtles. In addition to raising funding for a variety of local non-profits, the painted turtles will offer residents and visitors a glimpse into the creative artists of Edisto and will also serve as an education tool on conservation efforts that support the protection of loggerheads.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming brochure/map that you can use to visit all the turtle locations. There might be a prize if you snap your picture with all ten turtles! For more information about this project, visit Turtle Tide Art Project – Edisto Chamber of Commerce.

Soon, you’ll see ten loggerhead turtles placed around Edisto, each featuring unique artwork painted on them by local artists. These turtles have been sponsored by local businesses, which partnered with artists to create the fun designs you’ll see! Each turtle will also feature a “fun fact” so you can learn more about loggerhead turtles and the importance of their conservation. Each sponsor selected a non-profit organization that will receive all of the funds raised once we auction these turtles off on October 15th during our Fall Festival event. Yes, that’s right, you can take one of these turtles home with you! But for now, mark your calendars for June 4th when we will reveal our turtles at the Edisto Beach State Park Turtle Fest. The reveal event will kickstart the display season, will be open to the public, and will provide sponsors and artists a chance to introduce their turtle, talk about the artwork, and provide details on the associated non-profit.

Join us for the first ever Turtle Tide Art Reveal – June 4th at Edisto Beach State Park!

This project has been brought to life with the support of our community, including the Town of Edisto Beach, the Loggerhead Turtle Project, and of course our local businesses who chose to sponsor one of these turtles. While the artists are busy getting the turtles painted and ready to reveal, the sponsors have chosen a non-profit, selected a location for their turtle, and even got to name their turtle! Let’s get to know each of our 10 turtles and sponsors:

  • Turtle Name: Sir Franklin McConkey
  • Sponsor: McConkey’s Jungle Shack
  • Artist: Caroline Matheny Eynon
  • Non-Profit: Edisto Island Community Association
  • Turtle Name: Miss Edislow
  • Sponsor: The Edistonian Gift Shop / Surf & Turf Beachwear
  • Artist: Ginger & Naomi Sanders
  • Non-Profit: Good Samaritan Clinic
  • Turtle Name: Hope Is Not Enough
  • Sponsor: Edisto Island Open Land Trust
  • Artist: Louise Britton
  • Non-Profit: Edisto Island Open Land Trust
  • Turtle Name: So-Shell
  • Sponsor: Greenboat Discount Liquor & Revel
  • Artist: Linda Steele & Caroline Steele
  • Non-Profit: Edisto Island Youth Recreation
  • Turtle Name: Jorgie
  • Sponsor: The Edisto Island Triathlon
  • Artist: Rev. Deb Benton & Rev. Susan Stone
  • Non-Profit: Edisto Beach Volunteer Fire Department
Artist Travis Harlan Edisto Beach Turtle Tide Art
Artist Travis Harlan with his turtle. Disclaimer: DO NOT climb on painted turtles 🙂
  • Turtle Name: Nocturtle
  • Sponsor: Wyndham Ocean Ridge
  • Artist: Tom McElroy
  • Non-Profit: Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project
  • Turtle Name: Ebby
  • Sponsor: VACASA Edisto
  • Artist: Courtney Vesser
  • Non-Profit: Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project
  • Turtle Name: Blu-Too
  • Sponsor: Jeanine G. Rhodes, Realtor
  • Artist: Patrick Stare
  • Non-Profit: Animal Lovers of Edisto (ALOE)
  • Turtle Name: Scuba Steve
  • Sponsor: Ella & Ollies / The Briny Swine
  • Artist: Travis Harlan
  • Non-Profit: Sleigh Bells
  • Turtle Name: Myrtle
  • Sponsor: Carolina One Edisto Vacation Rentals
  • Artist: Gerry McElroy
  • Non-Profit: Edisto Island Youth Recreation

Big thanks to our partners this year: Edisto Art Guild & Edisto Beach Loggerhead Turtle Project!

We are so excited to show this project to you all! Stay tuned for more updates and join us on June 4th for our Turtle Reveal event during Edisto Beach State Park’s Turtle Fest. For more information about this project, visit Turtle Tide Art Project – Edisto Chamber of Commerce.

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